Property Taxes


The primary purpose of a Residential Property Tax Disclosure Report is to satisfy the builder statutory disclosure requirements with respect to California Government Code §53341.5 and California Civil Code §1102.6(b) and §1102.6(c), including the requirement to provide a Notice of Special Tax and/or Notice of Special Assessment as well as the Notice of Supplemental Property Tax Bill.

Residential Property Tax Disclosure

Zimmerman Group provides its clients with a Residential Property Tax Disclosure Report (“Tax Report”) that provides a detailed breakdown of all anticipated ad valorem based taxes, special assessments, special taxes, and other fixed charges applicable to a property. The Tax Report allows homebuyers to estimate the effective property tax rate applicable to a property. Preparation of the Tax Report includes a detailed review and preparation of the following:

  • County Property Tax Bills
  • Community Service Area Engineer’s Report
  • Landscape Maintenance District Engineer’s Reports
  • Preparation of Notice of Special Assessment for 1915 Act Bonds
  • Preparation of Notice of Special Tax for Community Facilities Districts
  • Individual “Residential Property Tax Disclosure Report” by Lot